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The Prodigy Disc T1 set a new standard for disc golf targets upon its initial release. Since then, the T1 has been modified for expanded catching performance. The T1 can now be found on over 300 courses across the world. It is the toughest and most reliable target on the market, and is built to last. Designed by professional disc golfers, the T1 will enhance your course and the player's overall experience. It features the patent-pending Prodigy StrikeZone chain configuration, allowing for superior catching ability while remaining fair and challenging. Comes with a Wheeled Base as either Galvanized Steel or Powder Coated in the colour of the target when available! (Will be charged a $5 handling fee)

PLEASE look at the specifications and read about the Base issue


  • 30 stainless steel welded rings form the signature Prodigy STRIKEZONE

  • Unique 20 outer and 10 inner chain configuration

  • PDGA approved for championship play

  • Weather resistant, powder-coated finish to tough the elements
  • Unique 12 outer and 36 horizontal chain configuration with 36 stainless steel welded rings to enhance catching performance
  • Built in wheel on base
  • Hot dipped, galvanized steel chains
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction
  • PDGA Approved for Championship Level tournaments.


  • Powder-coated finish.

  • 13 gauge steel, 56 cm diameter x 10cm tall band.

  • 7 mm steel spindle frame. 5.1 cm I.D. tubing, drilled & tapped. All joints welded.


  • 2/0 straight link coil chain. 30 strands total.

  • 20 outer chains, single strand configuration.

  • 10 interwoven inner chains forming the Prodigy STRIKEZONE.

  • All hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.


Powder-coated finish. 68 cm diameter, 24 cm deep. 10 mm steel main ring, 9 mm x 13cm support rods, 7mm support rings. 5.1 cm I.D. tubing, drilled & tapped. All joints welded.


3 mm wall, 4.9 cm O.D., 188 cm long, 142 cm top to tab. Hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.


8 cm, 3 mm wall, 5.1 cm I.D. Hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.


61cm, 3mm wall, 5.1 cm I.D. Powder-coated 2 wheeled base in BLUE finish.

Currently Out of Galvanized bases!

Discounted by an extra $45 because of the Blue Base